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Whats the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

  • Watching them grow
  • They are like looking in a mirror
  • Seeing my kid(s) achieve is awesome!
  • Getting to shape a future is humbling

When will you introduce solid foods for your baby?

  • Whenever he seems interested, I'll try some jarred foods
  • I'll follow baby cues. Maybe I'll try some avocado at 8 months
  • Rice cereal should be started at 4 months
  • We'll try some homemade purees in about 6 months

They say, "breast is best." I say...

  • I agree! I'll breastfeed for 2 years, or more
  • I'll consider breastfeeding, but if we have to use formula, that's fine
  • Formula is the way to go
  • I'll nurse for 6 months, or maybe a year

Where does your baby sleep?

  • He'll be in bed with us for a few years
  • In the swing, or crib, or in my lap, or wherever she'll stay asleep!
  • In a sidecar or a crib next to our bed, preferably on an organic mattress
  • Babies need to learn to sleep alone, in their own rooms

What do you do when your baby's pacifier touches the ground?

  • My breast is the only pacifier around here
  • He'll be OK until I can boil this thing
  • If I have a baby wipe, I'll give it a quick wipe
  • A little exposure to germs just helps build immunity!

Would you ever hide chocolate from your kids?

  • No not always
  • No, once in a while is okay but I would observe to understand the need for it
  • No, but I raid their Halloween candy
  • We don't eat chocolate at our house. It will be used a reward only

How do you get your kids to do chores?

  • I don't make my kids do chores
  • I ll fit it as a part of their schedule/ daily routine
  • I threaten to withhold their allowance
  • I will explain the importance of self-dicipline and show by example

How do you sneak some time for yourself?

  • I never had time to myself
  • Sometimes, I lock myself in the bathroom
  • My time at the gym is precious
  • I go to a weekly event

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities?

  • Never!
  • I feel blessed to be a mom, so I'll adjust to the new role
  • I think every parent feels that way
  • I feel overwhelmed during the sports season

Parents should provide direction but also listen and discuss their kids' concerns.

  • Somewhat agree
  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Neither agree or disagree

Society would be better if parents were more strict with their kids.

  • Somewhat agree
  • Disagree
  • Somewhat disagree
  • Agree

Parents should discuss the reasons behind their policies with their kids.

  • Disagree
  • Agree
  • Strongly agree
  • Somewhat agree

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