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If you’re in your second or third trimester of pregnancy, the Medela Supportive Belly Band can help soothe and relieve any tired muscles in your lower back and belly.

Colour: Black

Product Feature

At a glance: Supportive Belly Band

✔ Reinforced zones provide light support for your lower back and belly

✔ Seamless, breathable fabric feels comfortable and snug around your bump

✔ Provides an extra layer under tops that have become too short

Product Description

What is a belly band used for?

The second and third trimesters can bring their fair share of aches and discomfort. This is to be expected – after all, your body is adjusting to carrying your growing baby! If you enjoy exercising or are on your feet a lot you may find your muscles get tired more quickly, too. Belly bands (also known as belly belts, maternity belts or pregnancy belts) are worn over or just under the bump for extra support and comfort. There is a range to choose from – including robust maternity support belts – however, most mums-to-be find light support provides relief. Some women like to sleep in a belly band to help support their bump at night.
NB: If you are pregnant and experiencing severe back or pelvic pain, seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Pregnancy belly support where you need it most

A useful addition to your maternity underwear, Medela’s Supportive Belly Band has reinforced zones, specially designed to target any aches and tired muscles in your lower back and belly. Available in a range of sizes, the band fits gently over your bump so it feels snug and lightly supported without being restricted. Because the belly band is made from flexible material with an extra-stretchy panel across the tummy area, it can expand to accommodate your growing bump (and shrink back again after pregnancy) without feeling too tight.

How to wear the Medela Supportive Belly Band

The Supportive Belly Band simply pulls on like underwear – there are no clips, zips or other fastenings to deal with. Its seamless design means it won’t show through your maternity clothes. And if your tops have become a bit short now your bump is getting bigger, the belly band can provide an extra-soft layer against your skin.

Wearing a belly band after your baby’s birth

Some mums also like to wear belly bands or maternity support belts after their baby is born. The light support of the Medela Supportive Belly Band can give new mums extra comfort and confidence. Wearing a postpartum belly band in this way can come in handy when breastfeeding, as the band will help keep your tummy snugly covered if you need to pull your top up to access your breasts. Or alternatively, you could opt for Medela’s Comfy Camisole as a lightweight extra layer when feeding or pumping.

Taking care of your Supportive Belly Band

Whenever you choose to wear your belly band, its cool, breathable fabric will help prevent you getting too hot as you get on with your day in comfort. And like all Medela maternity underwear, when you’ve finished wearing it, you can pop it in the washing machine. The care instructions on the pack give full washing, drying and colour-care advice.

What's Included

1 x Supportive Belly Band

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