Putting Together a Breastfeeding “On the Go” Kit

Putting Together a Breastfeeding “On the Go” Kit


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Today’s breastfeeding moms really do understand the meaning of the phrase “on the go”. It is how they seem to spend most of their lives! Whether a mom is breastfeeding, exclusively breast pumping, or something in between, she manages a busy and active life! Taking care of a family these days requires the equivalent of a degree in logistics, planning and time management. Having an advanced qualification in “managing the unexpected” is also a useful certification. Having to dash out of the house on an errand is often a regular occurrence and even a trip to the grocery store or post office with a breastfeeding baby can lead to unexpected delays and unexpected challenges.


So “always be prepared” is a busy mom’s mantra! Having a checklist for a simple breastfeeding “on the go” kit can reduce stress and worry. There are many long lists of recommended baby accessories that a mom is told she might need “just in case”. But what are the absolute basics for a breastfeeding “on the go” kit?


It is a given that you will need all the basic baby essentials like diapers, wipes, first aid kit, socks, snacks, books and a teddy tucked away in your diaper bag. But what breastfeeding gear does a mom need? With a goal of keeping things simple and stress free, here are 6 things you need in your “on the go” breastfeeding kit. If you have other items that are life savers in an emergency, please leave your comments below this article so that other mothers can learn from your experience.

  • Washable Bra Pads or Disposable Nursing Pads
  • Tender Care Lanolin offering soothing relief and provides protection to sore nipples
  • Some kind of a blanket
  • A spit up bag
  • Covers for discretion
  • Change of clothes for the baby
  • Contact Nipple Shields if you have flat, inverted or sore nipples
  • A manual breast pump such as the Medela Harmony
  • Quick Clean Breastpump & Accessory Wipes for convenient portable cleaning
  • Breastmilk storage containers or bags
  • Conventional teat or feeding solution Calma


Why Pack a Manual Breast Pump?

Many women have a single or double electric breast pump that they use at home. So why are we suggesting you pack a manual pump in your “on the go” kit? Well first of all, you may not be going to a place where you want to breastfeed in public, or you may simply have to deal with breasts that are engorged and full. Sometimes you just may want to pump even if your baby does not want to breastfeed. There are lots of choices when it comes to Medela breast pumps. Your lifestyle will determine which one is best for you. But when it comes to packing an emergency kit, even if you are an exclusive breast pumping mom at home, it might be a good idea to invest in a simple manual pump.


Medela Harmony is a convenient option to the occasional pumping need and of course does not require a power or vehicle adaptor to charge your pump. It is also important to mention that Harmony is Medela’s single, manual pump option, which also features the patented 2-Phase Expression technology. This lightweight and easy to use pump incorporates the latest technology to deliver a “two speed” pumping process that mimics a baby’s natural suckling rhythms by switching from a fast to slow rhythm while the pump is operating. It is quiet and unobtrusive.


Being on the go with a breastfeeding baby is so much easier if you’ve remembered to pack everything in advance (or have a very good idea what to grab in a few minutes.) The more prepared you are for unexpected events, the less stressed you will be. It’s a simple calculation that works every time!


What do you have tucked away in your breastfeeding “on the go” kit? If you are using a Medela Harmony pump what has been your experience? Please join the conversation below or visit Medela Singapore Facebook page.